Cruise Visitors

Rhodes combines all of the necessary ingredients for an unforgettable cruising experience, with the world’s largest cruise companies already making Rhodes their preferred port of call. Situated opposite the magnificent medieval town of Rodos and just a few steps away from the impressive Marine Gate, the entrance to the port of Rhodes offers the cruise visitor an unforgettable view of Rhodes . Rhodes itself is ideally located acting as a gateway to the Aegean to the West and the coast of Turkey to the East. The port of Rhodes can serve as a home port not only due to the island’s infrastructures and but also due to the port’s proximity to the well-known Greek islands (Mykonos, Santorini, Heraklion) and other attractive destinations in neighboring countries. Having the largest number of charter flights of the surrounding area; with flights from all major European airports it is ideal location to get you from port to home. Transport requirements are met with a modern fleet exceeding 250 coaches as well as over 400 licensed taxis. Enhancing the cruise experience in Rhodes are the 500 plus hotels which can accommodate pre and post cruise stays. Rhodes also offers the services of 120 licensed archaeological guides covering all major languages. Rhodes combines the variety of multiple choices for shore excursions within close proximity of each other. Guests enjoy valued time at the sites as opposed to lengthy journeys on motor coaches. A choice of multiple tours that can be executed on a half day or full day basis depending on the length of the vessel stay:

  • Rhodes Town, Palace of Grand Master and the Archaeological Museum
  • Acropolis of Lindos
  • Acropolis of Rhodes
  • Valley of the Butterflies and Ancient Kamiros
  • Palace of Grand Master and Valley of the Butterflies
  • Filerimos Monastery and Rhodes Town
  • Panoramic Rhodes Town
  • Rhodes Town
  • Palace of Grand Master and Culinary Delights